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INNORIX provides fast & secure file transfer solutions for all industries and purposes

Front-end Solutions

User-User 1:1 Transfer

As the world's fastest 1:1 transfer, users can directly send large files to other users in-house and over long-distances.

Unlimited file size and number of files Stable transfers in unstable networks

Private Cloud Storage

Each employee can use company’s cloud storage space and transfer large files at high-speeds.

Unlike public clouds, companies can own it and control service policies.

Large File Sharing System

Companies can build a high-speed large file sharing system in-house for all employees.

Everything from number of users, files, traffic to storage size is unlimited.

Exchange and Share Files with Customers

Users can exchange and share files with long-distance customers and business partners at high-speeds.

All transferred and shared history will be automatically recorded.

Provide File Uploads and Downloads

Your web services can provide high-speed and advanced file uploads and downloads for unlimited users.

Very reliable and convenient file transfers in all web browsers

Fully Integrated Transfers
with All Web Systems

It is easily integrated with all web systems of all industries and provides large file transfers at high-speeds.

The most popular INNORIX
solution for enterprise customers.

Back-end Solutions

High-speed Data Migration

Administrators can transfer large files that are more than 10TB at high-speeds between servers regardless of file sizes and distances.

For temporary large file transfers to new servers or cloud servers

Device-Device Transfer

Administrators can easily make file transfer schedules for servers and unmanned devices such as CCTV, Set-top box, clouds, virtual systems.

For regularly scheduled transfers according to schedules and specific conditions.

Transfer Monitor and Tracker

Administrators can monitor all file transfer statuses in real-time: users, servers, devices and web services, etc.

Transfer speeds, traffic, the number of users, files and errors, etc.

All of the above INNORIX products are included.

Download Trial Version


After installation, you can experience all INNORIX products.

You can test file transfer speeds in your environment.
Unlimited test period, performance and features.

Subscription or Purchase

Fixed Price

You can switch from the trial version to the full version.

Unlimited number of users, devices, storage size and traffic
Unlimited performance, features of all products.

High-speed File Transfer

Everyone says they are faster.
Actually, INNORIX is the fastest.

Even though other ways claim they are 50 or 100 times faster,
these ways are still slow and can not be immediately used
because of various restrictions and insufficient composition, etc.

INNORIX is always faster than any other methods in the world and
can be immediately used without any cumbersome processes.

It’s 10,000 times faster

It's faster than light.


Don’t Worry
It Completely Transfers Everything...



Regardless of File Sizes

Transfers files intact without any partial alterations

Transferring large files is never easy.
Due to natural errors, some part of files can be always altered while transferring.

When a part of a file is altered, INNORIX automatically transfers only the altered part and guarantees perfect transfers with double integrity verification.

Regardless of File Quantities

Flawless transfer guarantees perfect transfers

FTP, HTTP and SCP are not taken into account of flawless transfer. As a result, as more files are transferred, more files are lost.

With flawless transfer structure, INNORIX does not lose any files while transferring and also completely resolves the extreme slowdown issue of mass files.

Even in Unstable Networks

Responds automatically without user intervention.

Natural network errors always occur in any situations and if networks are very unstable and have high loss rates, more errors occur.

INNORIX automatically responds to a variety of errors and resumes transfers even if network is repeatedly disconnected and connected.

Secure File Transfer

Anyone can lower your SSL underwear and see inside.

Many experts say that HTTPS, SFTP are very vulnerable to file leakage.
Although a lot of websites are using it, HTTPS is not safe and can not
protect your files.
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INNORIX secure transfer protects your files.

INNORIX secure transfer splits a file into multiple pieces and encrypts
the pieces with advanced encryption algorithms and mixes them
randomly, it then transfers them so it fully protects all files in the most
secure way while transferring.

Enterprise File Transfer Solution

Don’t worry. INNORIX is not cheap.
It’s a wealthy enterprise file transfer solution.

Other transfer methods are basically just copying files and do
not satisfy all enterprise needs such as large files, mass files,
reliability, integrity, high-speed and security, etc.

8 Distinct Goals to Improve Quality

The definition of file transfer quality is much wider and does
not mean just one or two features. INNORIX significantly
improves file transfer quality in 8 distinct goal areas.

INNORIX completely resolves all file transfer problems
such as errors, retries, restrictions, inconveniences and inefficiencies,
etc. and reduces costs and maximizes business efficiency.






Track History



A lot of government agencies and companies
are already using INNORIX file transfer solutions.

High-speed Cases

50 X


Automotive manufacturing information management system for all Hyundai Motors branches around the world.

15 X

Product Value Information Portal

Transfer sales point contents (videos,
applications, training materials, store demos)
for salesmen, consumers and branches
in 50 countries.

12 X

Ghana Nuclear Power Plant Design

It is 12 times faster when transferring files
between Korea and Ghana (Africa) through

Large & Mass File Cases



Digital Archive System

This system contains and transfers 5 million
files some more than a terabyte such as
bibliographies, videos and audio, etc.



National Greenhouse
Gas Management System

873 systems (348 targets, 525 emission
systems) transfer more than 10,000 files
in a single process.



Central Permanent Records
Management System

All central administrative agencies in Korea
have accumulated a lot of files and transfer
220,000 ~ 290,000 files yearly.

Security Cases



Secure Document Management Center

When employees download unsecured files
from servers, all metadata and files are
strongly encrypted.



Customer Information Leak
Prevention System

When employees download customer files
from servers, this system strongly protects
all customer files and metadata.



Digital Asset Deposit System

Companies transfer software source code
files, specifications, designs, schematics,
DB, digital contents in a secure way.

Reliability Cases



Global Devices Management System

It transfers large sized software and
firmware files (about 1.2~2Gbyte) abroad
without any loss and natural alteration.



In-house Broadcasting System

It stably transfers broadcasting contents to
all branches around the world, including
unstable network locations at 40 branches
in China.



Overseas Sales System for 23 Areas

It resolved 1) slow speed 2) frequent failure
when transferring mass or large files
3) natural file alterations when transferring
large files.

Major Cases

Large Files

Mass Files






Loen Entertainment

MLB(Music License Bank) , DMO(Digital Music Operation)

As a music download service, it exchanges more than 570,000 files (music source and music video files) with 82 music companies around the world and maintains optimal file transfer balance despite limited system resources.


VOD download service

This system has content from 30 Korean terrestrial TV channels and provides varying types of qualities (mobile, standard, high and ultra-definition) for smartphone, tablet and personal computer. All size of files (300Mbyte ~ 4GByte) can be safely transferred.

CJ Tving

Tving VOD download service

This system has the most download VOD copyrights in Korea and supports various devices such as smartphone, tablet and personal computer through all kinds of networks (wired, wireless, 3G and LTE, etc.). In order to protect download hotlink and keep the session alive, INNORIX products are linked with CDN service.


CBS world content download

This system provides large-sized media files to global partner companies. Featuring the reliable transfers of INNORIX, it can provide very stable content download service even in unstable networks and improve the service quality.

Hyundai-Kia Motors Company

Global e-Campus

As a global standard education system, it stably transfers various large-size files (e-learning video, flash and e-book) with the folder structure intact to 42 subsidiaries, all their agencies and partners as well as 48 branches in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America.


E-care request system

One medical treatment request contains various large-size files (ultrasonic, endoscopic and x-ray files, etc.). This system provides flawless, secure and high-speed transfers. It has resolved previous problems such as medical treatment being stopped all the time due to delays when transferring large files.

On-Premise & Integration with Your Current Systems

INNORIX file transfer solutions are only provided as an
on-premise type and installed into your own servers or cloud
systems. All files will be directly transferred to your servers,
storage, devices and users.

INNORIX file transfer solutions do not require any changes to
current network and security policies. INNORIX fully supports
any types of user authentications such as LDAP, AD, CAS
and SAML, etc. and is fully integrated with your business




Your current systems

Enterprise File Transfer Solutions
For All Industries and All Sizes of Organizations

Research, Education, Medical
and Media Industries

With low cost,
significantly improves
file transfer efficiency

Large Companies,
Government Agencies

Drastically reduces
time and costs of
transferring files

Medium-sized and
Small-sized Companies

With the lowest cost,
uses the same
performance, features

Benefits for INNORIX Customers

The world's fastest high-speed file transfers

Double integrity verification to prevent partial

100% Flawless transfer without any file losses

Unlimited large-sized file transfers

More than 3,000 enterprise cases

The industry's most beautiful and convenient UIs

Records all transfer history to follow IT compliance

[Free] Provides a real-time transfer status monitor

More secure transfers than HTTPS or SFTP

Reliable transfers even in unstable networks

Supports multi-server clustering for distributed processing

Unlimited number of files and folders transfers

Full integration with customer business systems

Supports all user authentications for LDAP, AD, CAS and SAML, etc.

Supports customization service for UIs and features

[Free] Provides a transfer history tracker

Free trial version has unlimited period, same features and performance as the full version.

Within 3 minutes, very easy to install the trial version into Windows, Linux, Unix, cloud and virtualization OS, etc.

How to Start

Download free trial version
Unlimited period, features, and performance

Test transfer speeds,
features and performance

Consultation for
server/network structures
and integration if needed

Buy a full license
Switch trial > full

Please contact us now.
All files transfer processes for all industries can be optimized.

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