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1:1 Transfer

User-User Transfer


INNORIX 1:1 Transfer enables 2 users to exchange large and mass files between each other at high-speeds without any limits of file size and number of files. It is the fastest way to transfer files between users in-house or over long distances. With advanced secure transfer, INNORIX 1:1 Transfer protects all files while transferring.

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Email, public clouds and messengers have to upload all files to the servers first before the other party can download them but INNORIX 1:1 Transfer makes direct file transfer connection between 2 users and transfers files at high-speeds. Even if network is repeatedly disconnected and connected between the users, INNORIX 1:1 Transfer responds to a variety of errors and resumes transfers without any user intervention.

With INNORIX MRT, administrators can monitor all users 1:1 transfer status in real-time and track the transfer history.

No waiting time to upload files to servers, it’s real 1:1 transfer.
Unlimited large and mass files transfers at high-speeds
Advanced secure transfer, Reliable transfer, Integrity verification

Major Purposes

- Exchange large files from user-user directly in-house or over long-distances
- Transfer large files that email and public cloud cannot handle from user-user
- When files cannot be transferred with other transfer ways due to unstable networks
- Transfer large and mass confidential files at high-speeds in secure way

How the Server Works

As an On-Premise type, you can install the INNORIX Server into your own server within 3 minutes and use INNORIX 1:1 Transfer.

How Users Use

Users can use INNORIX 1:1 Transfer using a web browser. According to the guide, users can connect to other users and send files directly.

File Transfer Ways

2 users will be directly connected and can transfer files to each other. Depending on the network structure, files will pass through your INNORIX server.

Users Users On-Premise 1:1 Transfer 1:1 Transfer

How to Start

Download free trial version
Unlimited period, features, and performance

Test transfer speeds,
features and performance

Consultation for
server/network structures
and integration if needed

Buy a full license
Switch trial > full

1:1 Transfer Presentation Download

1:1 Transfer Presentation

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