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Unlimited upload size, Reliable in unstable network,
Folder upload, Resume upload, Supports Drag&Drop

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100% Server Compatibility

InnoDS can be used in all server environments and it is now most commonly used in the following server environments:

WAS/Web Server : WebLogic, Tomcat, Resin, Jboss, Jeus, Apache, Spring, Struts, WebSphere, WebtoB, IIS Server, etc.

Language : JSP, ASP, .NET, PHP

Products of InnoDS

  • InnoDS - Exclusively for Windows IE
  • InnoDS - Windows Multi-Browser
  • InnoDS - Multi-Platform/Browser

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Client Compatibility

Over 3,000 Web Services

Now, Innorix products are being used in more than 3,000 web services of 2,000 clients such as Samsung, LG, other global enterprises, SMEs in a vast range of industries, educational institutions, major systems of government agencies, regional government and public institutions and etc.

Highly verified and reliable Innorix products that are easy to implement has powerful functions and attractive licensing policies; and takes its place as the No.1 File transfer software in the industry.