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INNORIX File Transfer Technology

More than 3,000 customers in various industries such as public services and research centers, medical and media, etc. are transferring all their files using INNORIX enterprise solutions.

Case summary by function

Large File Transfer

Mass File Transfer

Secure Transfer

High-speed Transfer

Reliable Transfer



Loen Entertainment
MLB(Music License Bank) DMO(Digital Music Operation)
As a music download service, it exchanges more than 570,000 files (music source and music video files) with 82 music companies around the world and maintains optimal file transfer balance despite limited system resources.
Terrestrial nScreen ‘Pooq’
VOD download service
This system has content from 30 Korean terrestrial TV channels and provides varying types of qualities (mobile, standard, high and ultra-definition) for smartphone, tablet and personal computer. All size of files (300Mbyte ~ 4GByte) can be safely transferred.
CJ Tving
Tving VOD download service
This system has the most download VOD copyrights in Korea and supports various devices such as smartphone, tablet and personal computer through all kinds of networks (wired, wireless, 3G and LTE, etc.). In order to protect download hotlink and keep the session alive, INNORIX products are linked with CDN service.
CBS world content download
This system provides large-sized media files to global partner companies. Featuring the reliable transfers of INNORIX, it can provide very stable content download service even in unstable networks and improve the service quality.
Hyundai-Kia Motors Company
Global e-Campus
As a global standard education system, it stably transfers various large-size files (e-learning video, flash and e-book) with the folder structure intact to 42 subsidiaries, all their agencies and partners as well as 48 branches in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America.
S Hospital
E-care request system
One medical treatment request contains various large-size files (ultrasonic, endoscopic and x-ray files, etc.). This system provides flawless, secure and high-speed transfers. It has resolved previous problems such as medical treatment being stopped all the time due to delays when transferring large files.
Outsourcing Management System
Everyone from the Korea H.Q, 4 overseas branches and global partners use this system. It has PO. LOI and transfers various manufacturing drawing files (DXF and DWG, etc.). When users transfer mass files, the number of files is more than 1,000 in a single process.
Yonhap News Agency
Premium news platform
This system exchanges a lot of news image files with foreign news companies such as AP, AFP, Reuters, EPA, DPA, TASS, Xinhua, Kyodo and NYT, etc. On average more than 2,000 files are transferred in a single process and all file names are automatically changed to specialized names for each partner’s new platform.
National Archives of Korea
Central permanent records management system
For 10 years, all central administrative agencies in Korea have accumulated a lot of electronic records that have a 30 year retention period. Every year, 220,000 ~ 290,000 files are transferred to this system according to the quality management guidelines
National Tax Service
Forensic examination management systemForensic examination management system
A lot of tax payers’ documents, emails, DBs that are kept in custody by tax laws are transferred to main analysis servers. Confiscated HDDs are mounted to workstations and these stations are connected to 10Gbps line. Even when transferring low sized mass files, it can keep an average transfer speed of 450MB/sec. It is 4.5 times faster than FTP.
LG Innotek
Production log file transfer
1,600 production facility terminals create a lot of images and log files. Everyday all terminals automatically transfer 170Tbyte files to 6 main servers. This system needs flawless, secure and high-speed transfers and has real-time transfer monitoring and a history tracking system.
Green-house gas general information center
National greenhouse gas management system
One medical treatment request contains various large-size files (ultrasonic, endoscopic and x-ray files, etc.). This system provides flawless, secure and high-speed transfers. It has resolved previous problems such as medical treatment being stopped all the time due to delays when transferring large files.
SK Hynix
Document security with ECM
In order to block illegal copying and external leakage of documents, INNORIX products are linked to the ECM (Enterprise Content Management). According to the ECM processes (approval, reject and pending, etc.), users can transfer files after approval. Featuring INNORIX secure transfer, all documents can be perfectly protected while transferring.
SK Telecom
Secure document management center
In order to securely transfer unsecured files from servers to cloud drives that directly connect to workstations, INNORIX products generate a secure channel in the transfer section and are customized to write to the cloud drives path that has special permission enabling all metadata and files to be strongly protected.
Samsung SDS
File transfer management system
In order to resolve the highlighted security problems that are file alterations and external leakages between isolated networks (secure and unsecured networks), INNORIX products provide triple layered security and double integrity verification as well as automatically check MAC/IP addresses of workstations before transferring files.
Korea Copyright Commission
Online deposit system
This system does not have any limits about the size and the number of files such as mass software source code files, specifications, designs, schematics, DB, digital contents. With INNORIX’s triple layered security, deposited files are faultlessly and safely transferred, stored and provided to copyright holders when it is needed.
NICE Information Service
Secure online storage
For credit evaluation, various confidential files are exchanged in this system. INNORIX products are built into the traditional banking system (C/S: client-server based) and generate a secure channel in the transfer section and transfer mass files at high-speeds.
KB Kookmin Bank
Customer information leak prevention system
When employees download customer files from servers, the files pass through INNORIX secure transfer and automatically download in a secure path in the workstation. When the bank exchanges files with other financial institutions, INNORIX secure transfer strongly protects all files and metadata.
Hyundai Motor Company
Simulation data management system
HMC Korea technology institute is connected to the HMC India technology institute with a private network of 12MB/sec but the transfer speed was only 3~4MB/sec. INNORIX products are 3 times (12MB/sec) faster and take only 3 days to implement so that HCM resolved the speed problem and reduced the initial cost and time.
Samsung Electronics
Product Value Information Portal
It provides various sales point contents (product videos, applications, on/off-line training materials, store demonstrations) for salesmen, consumers and their branches in 50 countries. It is linked to ECM and dispersed to 4 server farms around the world. INNORIX products analyze transfer sections automatically to connect to the best server location according to the user location. The average speed is 15 times faster (0.8MB/s -> 12MB/s).
Samsung Electronics
Service Centent Management System Portal
They had 2 issues 1) Increasing the file transfer quality in the Chinese mainland and 131 branches worldwide 2) Improving the file transfer performance for 6 business locations. INNORIX transfers files to users 7 times faster (500KB/s -> 3.5MB/s). The transfer speed of server-server in 6 business locations is 3 times faster (150MB/s -> 500MB/s).
Tmax soft
Companywide business system and TechNET
It exchanges files with 11 branches around the world for business collaboration and has improved the file transfer performance. With INNORIX products, all users of this company can download various files (product, patch and update files and technical documents, etc.) from the TechNET at the same file transfer quality anywhere around the world.
LG Electronics
Smart TV
The file transfer speed of ARM processor based Embedded OS in smart TV is 18 times faster using INNORIX.
Ghana nuclear power design
INNORIX products are 12 times faster (7KB/s -> 80KB/s) when transferring files between Korea and Ghana (Africa) through satellites.
LG Electronics
Global Devices Management System (GDMS)
As a software quality and data management service for smartphone devices, it transfers large sized software and firmware files (about 1.2~2Gbyte). When transferring large files abroad, a few bits of files were naturally altered. Featuring double integrity, INNORIX products have resolved this serious problem and stably transferred all files at high-speeds.
Samsung Group
In-house broadcasting system
In order to stably transfer broadcasting contents to all branches around the world, including 40 business locations in China, this system has 4 major features 1) increasing the transfer speeds in China, 2) automatically handling all transfer exceptions, 3) double integrity verification of all files 4) automatically retransferring only the corrupted parts.
SK Innovation
Blue print management system
It transfers a lot of blue print and document files with the folder structure intact, in a single process. Featuring INNORIX mass file transfer, it can transfer a lot of files at high-speeds without missing any files. Users can easily choose files with drag & drop and can directly open blue print and document files when downloading.
POSCO Engineering & Construction
Overseas sales system
As a sales management system, it has to quickly exchange various construction market information and support sales activities at construction sites. INNORIX products resolved previous issues 1) slow file transfer speed 2) frequent transfer failure when transferring mass or large files 3) natural file alterations when transferring large files.
Audio archive system
As a music and image file archive system for 7 radio channels, it is linked with CMS (Content Management System). With INNORIX products, this system can stably transfer large sized media files using low server resources. When a user downloads the same file many times, the administrators will be notified and can track the user’s download history.
SK Telecom
Terminal Quality Assurance Management Services (T-QAMS)
As mobile devices have become more diverse, in order to respond to all new devices quickly, SK Telecom built this system. In order to reliably transfer large sized and mass files, this system has 1) double integrity verification, 2) automatic retransferring of only the corrupted part 3) built-in scenarios that automatically respond to a variety of situations.
Hyundai Motor Company
Companywide content management system
INNORIX products have many different kinds of APIs that business environments need so this system’s various 3rd party modules (centralized document management, document security and video conversion, etc.) could be easily linked with INNORIX transfer features without any difficult technical issues and additional customization.
SK Hynix
Companywide web mail system
INNORIX products have improved file transfer performance of this webmail system that is based on Microsoft Outlook. With various INNORIX APIs, INNORIX products are linked with their secure disk system so that INNORIX products can transfer and store files according to their secure disk policies.
Shinhan Bank
Lotus Notes and Domino
This bank system is based on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and is easily linked with INNORIX products and transfer files because INNORIX products are compatible with HTTP/1.1 and all kinds of web business systems regardless of security policies, operating environments, server and application platforms.
Tmax soft
This company has the largest market share of enterprise web applications in Korea. INNORIX products are compatible with this company’s JEUS WAS v4~7+ (Web Application Server). Many companies and government agencies that are using JUES WAS also use INNORIX products to transfer files at high-speeds.
KEB Hana bank
Secure portal system
This bank system is based on a RIA platform (Rich Internet Application) but it provided very basic file transfer features. With these features, this bank could not exchange files when needed. INNORIX products were easily implemented with all kinds of RIA platforms and provided high file transfer performance and various file transfer features.
Hanwha Group
E-signing system
This system is based on a RIA platform (Rich Internet Application) and provides various UI/UX but it provided very basic file transfer features. INNORIX products are linked with these RIA platforms and provide large file transfers, double integrity verification, secure and reliable transfers, etc. in this system.
Samsung Electronics
Product Value Information Portal
In order to improve the convenience of providing contents, it simplified all complexities of UIs. With INNORIX products, it provides 1) automatic display of rename fields when attaching many files, 2) automatic setting of the save path in the storage according to filename pattern filtering, 3) automatic connection to the fastest server, etc.
Rural Development Administration
Agriculture & biotechnology life outcomes management
When transferring Dielectric/OMICS big data, INNORIX products improve user-friendliness and increase the transfer speeds. Previous Java applet modules had many problems 1) needing to install more than 20MBytes Java runtime module 2) repetitive and auto-updating JRE 3) learning how to use the unfamiliar UIs 4) limitation of the transfer size and number of files.
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
This company wanted to develop PLM by themselves because already made package solutions were not appropriate insurance products. They also needed a file transfer solution that could improve 1) file transfer performance 2) user accessibility 3) development productivity and finally they chose INNORIX products.
Project Management System, Advertising media management system
INNORIX products 1) standardize transfer methods for all management systems 2) provide familiar and convenient file transfers to all employees and partners 3) improve productivity 4) improve development convenience and productivity 5) shorten the development period.
Resource management system (RMS)
INNORIX products 1) verify integrity of files right before and after transferring, 2) reliably transfer mass and large sized video resource files such as video clips, raw images, converted images, audio files, etc. 3) improve user UIs and convenience. 4) create thumbnail images and put watermarks on transferring images.
eElectronic text book download service
As an E-textbook download service, it provides textbook files to all teachers, students and their parents of all elementary schools in Korea. INNORIX products provide 1) the same file transfer features and performance for any OS (Windows, Linux and Mac OS) and browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.), 2) user friendly UIs, 3) auto-response to a variety of errors and exceptions.