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INNORIX Facial Recognition AI / Smart Traffic AI / Exabyter / Exchanger / WP / Exacoola / Smart IP Cameras /
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File transfer monitor and tracker
All organizations require transparency about situations where sensitive business files are being transferred. The ability to monitor and track history is essential for all transfer flows and the status of files. This includes situations that would include monitoring overseas branches and partners as well as in-house files and transactions.

However, there is no solution to monitor file transfer statuses in real-time. With traditional network or server monitoring tools, companies cannot properly grasp file transfer statuses. In addition, the files transfer paths and history are not recorded at all. As a result, it is a difficult mission for companies to grasp the information of what file is transferred, who transferred the file and where the file is going to.
Integration with file transfer products
INNORIX Platform products: Exabyter, Exchanger, Exacoola support all kinds of file transfers for users, servers, devices, branches. INNORIX Monitor is integrated with INNORIX Platform so that it enables administrators to monitor transfer statuses in real-time. In addition, INNORIX Tracker records all history and enables administrators to track the history.
Real-time file transfer status monitor
INNORIX Monitor enables administrators to monitor transfer statuses of all files in-house and externally in real time. As an integrated file transfer monitoring system, administrators can monitor real-time transfer speeds, statuses and error conditions and the number of users and files as well as the throughput of all servers and regions. INNORIX Monitor does not display obscure terms as difficult as system log level, that only some system engineers can understand. Monitor displays only meaningful information such as 1) the number of users 2) the number of current errors, cancelations, completions and failures 3) each server/region’s transfer statuses, etc.
Transfer history recorder and tracker
INNORIX Tracker records transfer history in detail. Administrators can easily track the transfer history of specific users and devices and can use full range monitoring to track transfer history by device or user locations, as well as specific file transfer paths. INNORIX Tracker does not disturb the administrator when tracking with unnecessary and complicated interactions. Administrators can quickly track file transfer history and search for related information by user, filename, device, server, etc.
Transfer monitor
Real-time file transfer monitor
INNORIX Monitor enables administrators to monitor real-time in house and external transfer states of all files that are transferred in the INNORIX Platform. Administrators can monitor transfer speeds, status and error conditions as well as all servers and region throughput.
Clear visibility of file transfer statuses
Although a lot of files are transferred every day, with traditional network or server monitoring tools, companies cannot monitor file transfer statuses. It is also difficult to properly grasp file transfer statuses. After disruptive failures occur in a business, engineers try to analyze a lot of system logs. However, this method is very challenging. As a result, the reality is that companies only check the will of the engineers and their resolve to solve the problem.

In order to overcome this reality, many companies fully agree that a file transfer monitor is needed. They are experiencing the new advantages of clear visibility of file transfer statuses that INNORIX Monitor features.
Overall monitoring of transfer states
In order for administrators to check overall transfer states, INNORIX Monitor displays through a real time graph 1) average transfer speed 2) the number of users who are transferring files 3) the number of files that are waiting to be transferred 4) variations of the increase or decrease of errors/cancelations/completions. Even though unexpected situations can happen suddenly such as the number of transfer errors increases and/or the transfer speed decreases due to increasing of throughput by increasing of users, administrators can easily grasp variations of the transfers' quality.
Response ability before failures
INNORIX Monitor's real-time file transfer monitor is very different from traditional methods that after the voice of the customer (VOC) heavily increases, companies belatedly analyze system logs and search for the reason and solution. Featuring INNORIX Monitor's monitoring, when transfer errors and failures occur, administrators can see this information in real-time. With INNORIX Monitor, companies can deal with transfer errors and failures before partial complications spread to all users, enabling companies to change their current complication response system to an entirely new system.

Depending on drastic changes of various information (transfer speed, throughput, the number of users and response time, etc.), administrators can secure the abilities to predict and respond to failures in advance. Additionally, this information enables companies to improve the predictability of infrastructure expansion in response to a sharp increase in users and throughput.
Detailed file transfer status
INNORIX Monitor displays a text based status with very detailed transfer statuses of each file that is being transferred in real time. For example 1) Information of users who are transferring files 2) Where the files are going to 3) The number of files in each transfer transaction 4) The size of files 5) Transfer rate 6) The number of errors or cancelations etc.
Visual file transfer status
The text based status is visually transformed and shows the transfer flows of files that are being transferred with various color blocks. The blocks indicate; secure transfer status, cancelations by users and retries, etc. If administrators do not read the text based status, they can still grasp the overall transfer flows and statuses about each transfer transaction.
Transfer performance monitor of all servers
In live operating environments, although a lot of loads are not located in servers and networks, files cannot be smoothly transferred. When files are transferred using servers (clients to web servers, servers to servers, devices to servers, etc.), a file transfer performance monitor of servers is very important for quality of service.

INNORIX Monitor provides performance information for all servers such as response times, transfer speeds, connection conditions, etc. When an administrator clicks a server icon in the INNORIX Monitor control panel, the administrator can see more detailed information about what the server is currently processing such as 1) the number of users who are transferring 2) the number of files that are being transferred 3) transfer speeds 4) errors, etc. Featuring this information, administrators can monitor the performance monitor of all servers from the file transfer's point of view.
Grasp unreported issues with location based statuses
Using IP based location data; INNORIX Monitor displays locations of users and servers on a map. When an administrator clicks a user icon or a server icon in the INNORIX Monitor control panel, the administrator can easily check for more detailed information about the server such as transfer speeds, transfer rates, response times, etc.

If some users who are in a specific region have transfer problems, this information may not be immediately delivered to service operators due to the time difference and general awareness of users. In most cases, users will repeatedly try to transfer files until the situation improves but in this situation, there will be negative effects with the service, user loyalty and the delay of business.
Failure information in integrated statistics
Negative effects on business processes that are caused by file transfer failures are immediate primary damages. If this failure information is not integrated and recorded when the failures occur, then companies cannot learn from the previous failures for the future, these are secondary damages. Companies will be exposed to primary and secondary damages continuously.

The information that INNORIX Monitor provides in real-time is stored in INNORIX Monitor DB. Administrators can easily find this information whenever they need. With INNORIX Monitor, companies do not have to depend on inefficient and incomplete system logs any more, and they can easily find hidden and elusive problems. As a result, companies can be rid of speculative and post-response environments by continuously improving file transfer quality, business efficiency and user satisfaction are improved.
High performance for huge amounts of traffic
The INNORIX Monitor high performance engine is designed to monitor huge data in real-time with a single system. INNORIX Monitor is developed with optimized technology for Big Data processing, costs can be significantly reduced and performance will be maximized.

Depending on a company's monitor range extension needs, INNORIX Monitor performance is infinitely expanded, producing high performance in all areas from web based file transfers to mass files for industrial specific purposes.
Notifies by 24H pattern surveillance
If administrators are away for a while or monitoring other information, featuring real time notifications, they can easily monitor failure conditions at all times. As soon as INNORIX Monitor senses failure patterns that the administrators set in advance, the administrators will receive a notification email. As a result, they can secure enough response time to prevent the spread of complications. Even if complications occur, administrators can substantially reduce the response time.
History record and track
Records and tracks transfer history
INNORIX Tracker records transfer history in detail that the INNORIX Platform transfers. Administrators can easily search for users’ specific transfer history and can use full range monitoring to track transfer history by department or user location, as well as specific file transfer paths and even an individual user's file transfer history.
Collect and record complete data for tracking
A lot of files are transferred in-house and externally. However, the history of file transfers is not integrated into records and has not been satisfactory from the beginning. Although there is transfer history data, that will be only a simple log. As a result, it is a difficult mission for companies to grasp the information of what file is transferred, who transferred the file and where the file is going to.

In order to compose this kind of tracking system, administrators do not have to have discussions with several teams and analyze obscure logs in person; moreover, they do not have to have concerns about performance problems for the future. INNORIX Tracker can record and track enormous transfer history for all systems, clearly resolving this difficult issue.
Records and tracks history from all platforms
There are all different kinds of file transfer platforms such as web business systems, messenger, email, devices, virtual OSes, servers, etc. If only some histories in specific areas are recorded, the histories are incomplete and tracking the transfer history is impossible. For this reason, companies need to record all transfer history in all platforms; however, it is difficult because recording methods and the information that is recorded are different depending upon the transfer methods and platforms. As a result, in order to track file transfer history, administrators have to go through many different systems but this method is also incomplete because all systems have different formats and record time at different intervals thus, this method is merely deductive reasoning based tracking.
Follows government and industry compliance
There are more than 10,000 compliance laws in the U.S. which require data retention. Compliance laws have been changing at a rapid pace, these laws have made it more complicated than ever for organizations to keep track of. IT governance, compliance and internal controls are already very important issues worldwide. Recording, monitoring and tracking of transfer history are the only countermeasure for more perfect internal control. In an increasingly complicated business environment, INNORIX Tracker removes future IT risk and enables organizations to secure a consensus about IT risk.
Optimized structure for fast tracking
INNORIX Tracker was designed with an innovative information link structure for administrators to promptly track transfer history. When administrators start tracking, they can choose various start points such as transfer transaction, file name, user's name, department or location. After that, INNORIX Tracker sequentially shows various information 1) files that were transferred by the user 2) transfer transactions that include the file 3) users who transferred the file, etc. This structure allows for administrators to track a vast amount of information in a short time.
Quick tracking for finding complex relationships
In order for administrators to significantly reduce tracking time and clearly grasp complicated information that has a complex relationship with other history. INNORIX Tracker features the marking function which allows administrators to mark information that they find. This feature prevents confusion and is convenient for administrators who have to track a lot of users and files in a short time. After marking, with related tags, administrators can quickly find the marked information.
Tracks cancelations, errors and tries
INNORIX Tracker can track various transfer information such as completed transfers, cancelations by users, interruptions by an error, etc. Even if users try to transfer files that are not allowed under permissions, this information will be recorded. Administrators can track the history and the number of tries by users and it enables non-repudiation of the try.
Tracks a specific user's file transfer history
As it is known, 80% of information leakage is caused by former and current employees. Users are the biggest threat to information asset protection. INNORIX Tracker provides significant transfer information for each user. Administrators can analyze and easily compare the number of transferred files, the file sizes and total transfer time, etc. with other users. Moreover, administrators can easily search for a specific user's very detailed file transfer history that shows all file names and sizes, transfer start and end times as well as transfer statuses.
Tracks history by department and/or location
As the geographical distribution of businesses increases, the origin and destination information of file transfers can be smartly utilized. Even if a user's department information is changed, administrators do not have to go through cumbersome processes to update new department information in the DB because INNORIX Tracker automatically receives new department information from business systems. As a result, if there is frequent changing department information, reliability of history can be ensured. Additionally, using IP based location data, administrators can track and search for file transfer history by country and region name.
High performance tracking engine
INNORIX, a Big Data and file transfer specialty company, is an expert in the field of mass file transfers. INNORIX specializes in observing and evaluating transfer traffic making them more knowledgeable than a standard IT professional. If vast transfer histories are recorded for a few years, it will be an enormous amount of data, so much that a general structure engine will not be able to process it. The INNORIX Tracker high performance search engine is designed with Big Data processing based technology, reducing total costs and maximizing tracking performance.
File transfer report for various interests
Generally, a file transfer report cannot be easily drawn because the history is not clearly recorded in the first place. Even if the history is recorded, in order to make a meaningful report, companies have to invest a lot of manpower, costs and time to analyze obscure information. The INNORIX Tracker engine analyzes the accumulated file transfer history and automatically makes and provides a meaningful report about file transfer transactions when specified by administrators (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

With the INNORIX Tracker file transfer report, administrators can easily grasp the company's transfer situation by observing variations of information such as traffic, speed, failure, etc. that occur during a specific period of time. In addition, the INNORIX Tracker file transfer report provides meaningful information such as 1) statistics about file type and the number of files 2) transferred file ranking 3) each server's throughput, transferred file size and the number of files for IT decision maker, operating team and various interests.
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INNORIX is an enterprise solution provider with 3 head offices and 400 global partner companies in 8 countries, providing enterprise AI and file transfer solutions to more than 4,000 customers, such as global companies, government agencies, public institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises.
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